By Brenda Hankla

Are you looking for some excitement on a Saturday Morning?  Then the Lawnmower Races at the Beaver Dam race track are for you!  This past Saturday kicked off the first race of the season.

Photo by Brenda Hankla

There was plenty of action including side by side racing, wheelies and even a crash between 2 of the racers (don’t worry, everyone walked away with only minor injuries).

Food was catered by the Road Kill Grill.  There were hamburgers, hot dogs, chili and all the fixings.  There is no charge for the food, but you are asked to make a donation, which this month benefited the local food bank.  Good food for a great cause.

Hal Seifert began the Lawnmower races several years ago to bring excitement to the little town of Beaver Dam in the Arizona Strip.  What started out as a small little pastime became a big deal and people come from all around the area to watch the action.

There is always a large presence of side by sides that come from as far away as Mesquite to watch the lawnmowers race.  You can get in an early morning ride through the desert, have a bite to eat, and then watch your favorite driver battling it out to be number one.  If you stick around you can enjoy the music in the Beaver Dam Bar.

Photo by Brenda Hankla

There are several classes and each had a Heat Race and then the finals, the results are below.

Super Single: Rob-First, Tracy-Second, Kevin-Third, Dylan-Fourth

Super Double: Nate-First, Hippie-Second, Rob-Third

Modified: Charlie-First, Rob-Second, Scotty-Third

Super Modified: Nate-First, Hippie-Second, Charlie-Third

This free event is held at 11:00 AM Arizona Time on the second Saturday of each month at the Beaver Dam Race Track located behind the Beaver Dam Station & Bar, in Beaver Dam, Arizona.  Make sure you bring your lawn chairs and a cold drink, and get ready for one of the best times you’ve had all month.

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