Our government’s job is to keep us safe and our assets safe from theft. But something has happened; the government is letting the thieves in and spreading them throughout our country in the dead of night. People usually resort to desperate measures when they have no money or no way of earning it.

Over the years America has provided safety net benefits to its citizens. As we became more prosperous we tried to provide more benefits to those less fortunate. The big start was Social Security to help in our retirement or some kind of disability.  Somewhere in time, Hospitals began to give emergency care and tried to collect later. In many cases, people did not pay and the government or the hospitals ended up picking up the tab.

Then the Great Society by Lyndon Johnson came which provided a great leap forward in government support. Welfare became a front-line program where people did not have to work to survive. The benefits were so lucrative that people had no incentive to get a job. Each state was different but, in many places, you were silly to get an entry-level job. As time passed the benefits grew and it became a way of life for many especially in the big cities.

Over time, the word spread about the generous benefits and the programs grew. Many people heard about them and thought they would come and enjoy but the border was closed and enforcement within the country was tight. But soon a new light shined, Joe Biden was elected President and the word changed. “Come on in” the border is open and you can get all the benefits you need.

The word soon spread with tee shirts even shouting out ‘Thanks, Biden.” At first, it was just Central America but once the world saw it was true, the real flood began. Any Border enforcement was overwhelmed by the numbers. Some must wonder why and what is the grand design.

The net result is that the money our parents and even we deposited for our children’s futures and grandchildren’s futures is being given away to criminals who breached our borders. Now they want the riches we deposited for our children so they can live off the government. Some may work but do they pay taxes and give up the welfare checks?

Why would a President even do something like this? What a question and the answer could be the long game. Sometimes we are so caught up in living the day-to-day, yet some academics in their ivory towers have time to think and plan. Flood the country with people dependent on the government to survive and you have voters forever. Yes, it will take time to get them voter rights but it will come.

So, the plan is to flood the country with potential voters. Transfer the wealth that our parents saved for us, to other countries through shutting down our energy and manufacturing industries, and then people will be willing to try anything. Meanwhile, our Republican leaders do not have a long-term plan and it seems just day-to-day is it. “The Great Shining City on the Hill” is beginning to dim. Will it flicker out, or will we choose a different future?

One thought on “Theft in the night

  1. All of what we see is 100% intentional by those seeking the permanency of power. This country has given so much opportunity to so many people, but opportunity does not guarantee outcome and therein lies the rub. The transitional nature of a Republic based on evolving morays and circumstances impedes the ability of most in the political spectrum to maintain a lifetime of influence. Those unwilling to go gently into the night will do whatever they can to avoid that anonymity. I believe the single most destructive defect that currently exists is the selective usage of our legal system. We claim to be a “nation of laws” and maybe we were at one time, but if we were we aren’t any longer. We apply different standards based on varying criteria throughout the spectrum of our society, and all for political gain. Hopefully we self correct but I’m reserving most of my optimism for this weekends lottery drawings.

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