This article is inspired by a recent post in the “What’s Happening, Mesquite” Facebook group.  It addresses a complaint regarding the shortage of groceries and consumables in Mesquite.

This past spring, I remember the politicians and the media warning us of impending shortages come Fall.  Well, here we are.  It’s Fall. Here we are facing shortages, again!  But did you listen?  Did you prepare?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you can’t say you weren’t warned.  How soon we forget the Great Paper Product Shortage of 2020.  How soon we forget the Great Grocery Store Famine.  Don’t you remember how stressful it was when you entered the grocery store in early 2020 and were met with empty shelves?  People were scrambling to get their hands on whatever they could to provide for their families. Even non-essentials were hoarded in hopes they could be used in a bartering system with their neighbors.  It was a mad grab of “whomever grabs the fastest, gets the most”.

Those who were left without blamed the hoarders.  The hoarders fired back at them telling them that they needed to be faster and more gluttonous (“you snooze, you lose”).  Grocery stores became a place of bitter disputes over who had too many cans of disinfectant spray in their shopping carts. Toilet paper became very precious, as did paper towels.  Stores started placing limits on how much you could buy in one visit.  For a while it seemed that paper products might become the new currency!  Bleach was next. Then isopropyl alcohol.  No need to even mention hand sanitizer.  It was madness!  Did we learn anything from this?  Apparently, a few of us did not.

Some say that the current shortage is caused by all the offshore freight waiting to be off loaded in California.  Others say it’s still related to the virus.  Now that it’s Fall, I have heard some blame it on the snowbirds.  I believe it’s due to something entirely different.

The shortages this time around are due to your lack of planning and preparedness.  Yes, I said it and I expect a few angry responses.  But think about it.  Unless you’re poor, the shortage of supplies in your house are due to your lack of planning.  Again, you were warned.  You have experienced previous shortages.  This is not a new concept for you.  You should have been more prepared this time around.

I’m not suggesting you become a hoarder.  Hoarders give Preppers a bad name.  Is there a problem with running to the grocery store and buying up the last 10 packages of toilet paper at once?  Yes, that’s hoarding.  But is it wrong for a person to purchase one extra package of toilet paper each week to build their stock?  Absolutely not!  That’s prepping.  We had all summer to do this. Now the snowbirds have arrived which has placed a further strain on the suppliers and their ability to keep their stores stocked with consumables.  Yet some attempt to focus the blame on anyone else but themselves.  Because Hoarders have given Preppers a bad name, a few people have used that as an excuse not to be prepared.

Stop laughing at the Preppers (see the story of Noah and his Ark in the Bible) and prepare yourselves.  It’s the Hoarders you should be upset with.  Preppers prepared over time.  Their actions had zero affect on you and your efforts to obtain supplies today.  The preppers are the ones that are not suffering from the shortages.  Learn from their example.  Also, stop blaming the supply chain, the virus, and the snowbirds for your lack of action.  Shortages will wax and wane.  Stock up and be prepared to provide for your families.  There are many websites where you can buy dehydrated foods that will sustain you and your family in times of dire need.  These foods have a shelf life of 25 years and are great for emergency use.  Be prepared.  Build your stock slowly over time.  There is nothing wrong with being a Prepper.

Remember, providing for your family is imperative and is your responsibility.  Placing blame on others is unreasonable and won’t get you the supplies you need anyway.  Focus your energy on preparing for the next shortage.  Don’t get caught empty handed again.  How shortages affect your family is entirely up to you!  Heed the warning

4 thoughts on “We were warned

  1. I’m a Western Regional Truck Driver and will say that whether or not you agree with the vaccine mandates, you had better consider the ramifications.
    Most truck drivers are right leaning, either conservative or libertarian.
    We work in one of, if not the most, regulated industry.
    We are, by nature, independent thinkers (We have a LOT of time to think) and do not want the government dictating whether or not to get the shot.
    If you think there are shortages now, just wait and see how bad it gets if we are fired.
    Even if 25% of us walk out or lose our jobs, the results will be CATASTROPHIC!
    If that number goes to 50%, I hope you stocked up on ammo because you’re going to need it!

    1. Were you in the military? If yes, the government told you you had to get vaccinated. You had no choice. I believe that the current requirement for large companies is to require employees to either get vaccinated or get tested once a week. Is that too difficult for you to do? Covid is not a hoax. We just passed 750,000 deaths. I expect everyone to do what is right to stop the pandemic, even truckers.

      1. There are scientific studies showing SIGNIFICANT natural immunity to those who have already had covid. One scientific study showed that a lady who had the Spanish flu STILL had SIGNIFICANT antibodies 80 years after the fact. There is NOT a single study that says natural immunity doesn’t occur with covid. There are only a handful of cases where reinfection occurred after natural immunity was gained but breakthrough cases are happening all over the place and vary depending on the state and their record keeping. Statistics right now (today) show that breakthrough cases occur at 1.777% and deaths are at .012% which is far higher than the death rate WITHOUT vaccines which is .003%. What is the purposes of getting an experimental vaccine that is obviously failing between breakthrough cases and the 1.6 million adverse reactions reported (some very permanent)? Vaccines admittedly become less effective in just 4-6 months so you’ll constantly need boosters…one or two per year depending on the waves of infection sort of like the flu…hmmm.
        There is too much information out there now that we paid to create this virus and the powers that be scrambled to hide what the “Conspiracy Theorists” have been telling everyone all along. Most of the crap they have done to us had nothing to do with the virus, it was all a big game of “Let’s find out how this happened….Oh look SQUIRREL!” Fauci should be tried for crimes against humanity and all others who try to FORCE and experimental drug on others. The pharmaceutical companies haven’t exactly had a sterling track record on their development of drugs.
        Thalidomide, opiates, Adderall, Alatrofloxacin, Alclofenac, Alpidem, Alosetron, Alphaxolone, Amineptine….the list goes on.
        After being exposed for 18 months on a daily basis and NOT contracting covid, I’d say that person had a pretty strong immune system and why fix what isn’t broken?

  2. I buy extra wine at Lee’s to prepare for the worst, but for some reason I just can’t seem to stock up.

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