Fall is a transitional season, as we journey from summer…right through to the winter months. Fall is a beautiful and bright season, as leaves begin to change; turning greens into warmer vibrant colors, with shades of oranges and reds, the landscape is simply breathtaking. People enjoy this season for a multitude of reasons, as it prepares us for change; weather-wise and sometimes on a personal level. Fall is quite fascinating when you think about it, as birds fly west, animals prepare for winter, and many start looking to the New Year ahead; it offers hope and rejuvenation.

Fall gives us a chance to renew ourselves (just like our planet Earth), as we continue to journey through to the end of the year. More often than not, we begin to reflect on months past, as we set our sights for a better future. It’s a cleansing period before winter arrives and our days become shorter; taking notice of things that matter most. It’s a way in which our lives begin to shift; paralleled with nature…we begin the transition, starting with self-alignment.

As we already know, this past year has been tough, and so far this fall it’s hard not to notice or feel the shift; seasonal and personal once again. During the fall season many begin to experience a deeper spiritual consciousness within; this couldn’t come at a better time. There are many around the world being forced to make changes, whether it’s circumstantial, planned, and geographical or culturally speaking, inevitably change will happen.

Beginning with fall, this particular season brings a certain amount of joy into peoples’ lives, giving many a chance to reconnect with family and friends. People want to experience that warm and fuzzy feeling, and all of the smells in which fall has to offer. Hot apple pies and cookies are delightful this time of year, not to mention sitting by an open fireplace, while others enjoy the cooler crisp air. Comfort food in general, is a way people celebrate this season, but really…it’s about those feelings of all-around comforts; less stress and anxieties, as we leave another year behind and propel towards something better. Take a drive and enjoy some of the spectacular fall foliage before it’s gone. Breathe in that crispy morning air and go for a brisk walk. Let go of all the negativity from months past and put your best foot forward. It’s a new day, so be kind to yourself, as well as to others. Also as a friendly reminder…November 7th is Daylight savings time; turn the clocks back 1 hour.


Make your week count.

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