How could any America President leave Americas behind? If you were working in Afghanistan trying to help the people in some small village and the President secretly pulls American troops out of our biggest Air Base in the dead of night, what would you think or do? No one knows what is going on. You think what do I do and where do I go?

You are the all powerful American and the village people come to you; what to do? The word is the Talban are coming; what to do?  The bad guys are all over the roads and have set up check points. On the radio, it says come to the Kabul airport to get out. But how, it’s hundreds of miles away and you have heard that the Taliban have set up road blocks. The people you worked with are desperate to come too, they know what the Taliban will do to them.

Maybe use some of the back roads, it is a long way but the radio said make it to the airport. You pack up, with some of your co-workers, and head out. Avoiding the bad guys and using backroads takes a lot of time but finally the goal is insight. But the Taliban are everywhere. How to get to the airport? Back streets and hoping for some luck might be the best choice but even that doesn’t always work. The planes are leaving constantly.

Reaching the airport, it is incredibly jammed and where to go? Comeback tomorrow is the word on the street but that is the last day they say. Back streets again avoiding the Taliban checkpoints, reaching the airport the crowds are gone but so are the planes. What to do, run the bad guys are coming. Can’t believe they left us, left us!

Never before and hopefully never again will Americans be left behind. Yet, some brave American fighters mostly retired were not going to leave their friends and those they worked with, alone in a very hostile land. Money came in to finance private planes but our State Department would not help and in fact hindered many of the rescue attempts. Some heavily armed warriors took the overland routes where the State Department could not deny landing rights. Many got through but some did not.

The Government at first said only a hundred or so left and they did not want to leave. But as people kept escaping the numbers of those getting out begin to rise, one, then two hundred and still there were those who were calling for help. Those that helped us, pretty much goners. Except for the retired warriors who tried to help them. The State Dept. now admits about 450 Americans remain trapped but the wonderful State Department will send the Taliban money to ransom them out under the lie of it’s just humanitarian aid.

Overall, a nice job, claim victory while leaving your people and those that helped our troops behind. “Biggest air lift in history.”  Just a lot of the wrong people but there was a lot of them. Stuff left behind, “Not important, our forces don’t need it.” We’ll be downsizing forces so we do not need a lot of equipment.

The really good news is we got all our government people out. Plus, after two months there are very few American still left alive and we gave the new Government the equipment that they need to defend themselves through our special foreign aid program.

We left them behind, but who cares?

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    Scattered in seven Afghan army garrisons across the country, from Kabul and Kandahar to Herat, Mazar-Sharif, Kunduz, these arms depots include an impressive amount of U.S. military hardware: 22,174 armored Humvees, for example, 42 pickup trucks and SUVS, 64,363 machine guns, 162,043 radios. 16,035 night vision goggles, 358,530 assault rifles (the real ones, not the “assault rifles” that Joe Biden warns about at home), 126,295 pistols, and 176 artillery pieces.

    And that’s just for starters. The U.S. also generously left behind more than 100 helicopters, including 33 Blackhawks, 4 C-130 transport planes, and some 60 other fixed-wing aircraft. There was also oodles of ammunition to go along with all the loot.

    Of course, military hardware is not all that we have left behind. The evacuation “mission” is apparently also leaving behind hundreds of Americans.

    1. I was trying not to comment but what was “left” behind was not ours but was given to the Afghan military. You know, the ones that did not defend the country and allowed the Taliban to take over in just a few days. Trump had four years to get us out but failed in his promise. Biden followed through on the promises Trump made. Trump wasted billions of dollars training the Afghan military and they just walked away. Nothing could have prevented what happened. At least we are out of that hell hole. No more wars. Period.

      1. Mr. Petrillo,
        Really, you are so blinded by the dummocrat mantra, that you cannot see that this fraudulently installed farce of an administration is the most inept, incompetent and actually the dumbest bunch ever. That they are now in control of the WH and this country is a disgrace and a danger to all Americans. Obuttden can’t even find his way out of the WH gardens, let alone get us safely out of Afghanistan or anywhere else for that matter. Trump had a plan, something the current occupant of the WH has no idea what that means. Trump would NEVER have left over 80 billion dollars worth of our military equipment, yes, our equipment, not the Afghans and definitely not the Taliban’s, whom now have won the lottery for ordnance. He would NEVER have put 13 more of our military servicemen in the lethal situation that this administration and the boneheaded generals did. Your statement that nothing could have prevented this tragedy from happening is a slap in the face to our military men, had they been able take the course laid out by the Trump administration. What, pray tell, has this idiot and his minions that current occupy the WH done that is positive. Don’t forget all the cargo ships waiting off shore to deliver much needed goods, and how about the 50,000 plus illegals unvetted and unvaccinated pouring over our borders, spreading diseases to our population. Please wake up out of your stupor, sir, Yeah, Go Brandon.

  2. Why doesn’t Mike Young write about the $50 million OPD needs for projects which is going to raise everyone’s electricity bill instead of constant complaining. I mean he is the elected board member from Mesquite and has never given rate payers a single report. Get out your wallets, Young will raise your rates.

  3. “Left behind” can mean so many things for different people, but everyone can relate to the concept. For example, being “left behind” for many of our current Presidents supporters can trigger unpleasant memories of that awkward year in elementary school.

    1. Liberals are smarter, have more degrees, and make a lot more money than Trumpers. Trumpers are drop outs that actually believe that not taxing billionaires is going to put money in their pockets. Huh?

  4. Billy, You did not notice the rate reduction we did two years ago? Yes it was small but the energy rate went down and people who were not paying for service had to start paying up.
    Yes there is a proposed reliability plan to improve the system for about 25 million. It will bring in a second supply line so if something goes down in the middle of summer you will still be able to cool off.
    About 25 million is for system improvements and maintenance that needs to be done as the system was built in the 1930s.
    New houses have to have new powerlines, new businesses new power lines. Unfortunately, it has to be done before there are any new customers. When they come on line they pay but that may be ten or more years from now. We believe all this can be done without a rate increase through good planning.
    But the rate increase will come because of Biden’s energy strategy. Most energy is produced with natural gas and that has already tripled in price. Luckily our staff negotiated a good contract until 2024. But then hold on to your wallet. Oh, electric cars, we need to build more system capacity for them too.
    Some say use solar but people want light at night and many people don’t want them around here. Some say wind energy but the turbines take more energy to build than they will ever produce.

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