The funeral business has been booming and prices are astronomical these days; more people are considering cremation than years prior; for the older generations usually planned for their ‘end of life’ services. Beginning with a traditional funeral service, it was normal to have an open casket for viewing, then a service followed by a procession to the cemetery…that’s the way it’s been done for oodles of years. Cremations were not as popular back then, but today it’s changing; having unplanned arrangements is more common than one knows, often leaving loved ones wondering ‘what’ and ‘how’ to take care of human remains; cremation has become popular as time quickly moves forward.

Families today are all over the map, geographically speaking, so when untimely deaths happen…it is often difficult for loved ones and extended members to be able to gather at the same times; religious beliefs as well as their expectations play a significant role in ‘end of life’ decisions. Once cremation is in place, the storage of crematory ashes are usually kept closely by the family, either in an urn or other decorative pieces (such as jewelry) that can be worn, giving comfort for those grieving. During the process of cremation, a discussion takes place among those closest to the deceased, in regards to their final destination and, or what the deceased may have wanted their ashes to go. This brings me to their final resting place and how to help achieve their last wishes.

Spreading loved ones’ ashes should be planned, as there are environmental laws in some places that prohibit the spreading of ashes; an example being, off the pier in an ocean (specifically the Caribbean). Also, when letting go of the ashes, it should be done 3 nautical miles from land, and…or by boat or plane; which brings me to the ash dispersal by planes. Last week I saw my first commercial for a company that flies your loved ones’ ashes to the destination of the family’s choice; I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s apparent that Aerial Burials are becoming a sought-after choice for scattering ashes, as a way to honor their loved ones’ final wishes; and there are a number of commercial companies which do this for a fee, as it allows the families to be present (called a Funeral Flight). There are pilots for hire to do this, but insurance and locations can affect pricing, so not all are equal. I encourage you to check this out further at  and read this pilots experience at … .

I found a reputable company online, and I believe this to be the (family business) television commercial I saw last week; it was intriguing and sparked something inside me to research this … . They encourage people to call for further information at (916) 719-5376. This family knows the business (since 1985), and are willing to fly outside their rural areas; mountains, oceans, fields…and even undisclosed places. They also offer videos, which can be seen online.

After researching several sites on Aerial Burials, I am sold. I say this because when I am in the mountains, or at least close…I feel spiritually well (at Peace) and close to God; same goes for the ocean, though mountains are my first choice. Every person should have an idea of what their ‘end of life’ looks like to them. If you haven’t a Will, at least tell someone and scribble it down somewhere for someone to find. Unfortunately ‘Death’ doesn’t give notice most of the time; that’s just life…”ironic, I know.”  However, we can choose (most of the time) as to where you might want to end up. It’s a topic to be discussed among your loved ones, and it’s never too early for that.

Make your week count.

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