The Holidays are closer than you think, and the time seems to be going faster than ever. Glancing ahead at the calendar, Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. Taking a look at the store shelves today, I think it’s safe to say that shortages are a real thing; just look at the container ships still sitting on the ocean. Knowing that these containers are sitting at bay in waiting, one must be smart enough to realize that the shortage in truck drivers will also play a role in getting items to their destination (store shelves); everyone will face some type of challenge this upcoming holiday, whether its food, décor or gift items, things will be different this year.

Holiday Gatherings this year should be planned as soon as possible; including Christmas and New Year’s. Decorations are limited on many shelves today, so if you haven’t already accumulated some over the years, this might cause a ‘kerfuffle’ in your plans. But we all know, people we love and care about should come first and foremost; now it’s time to think about food on the table. For those wanting to entertain with a meal, it’s not too early to shop. There will be food shortages of sorts, and so…if you’re planning on a turkey or ham, I would suggest picking one up in the next 30 days. I’ve already watched the Ads for grocery sales, and as a heads up, this particular paper (sales ad) had in fine print (must go online and reserve yours today). Yep, I did not see the fine print, so upon arrival at this particular store, I was unable to obtain my food; they’d already sold out. It doesn’t matter where you reside, people will be feeling the ‘Sting’ this holiday season.  I say that because it’s not only about shortages, it is the inflation of prices for everything you need. Most grocery items on today’s shelves have not only increased in prices, but packaging is smaller than before. You pay more, for less. However, I did read somewhere that a few grocers will be cutting up their larger birds (turkey) in order to fulfill all of their customer’s orders. Be cautious about online food orders this year, you want to make sure your food will be fresh. While fresh turkey is awesome, picking up a frozen bird assures you that your family will have one this year.

This has been a trickled down catastrophe, and it’ll take quite some time to get things ‘closely’ back to normal, given the shortages in employees (in factories), truck drivers and so on. There will be a back log of orders (No doubt) this holiday season, so you may want to think long and hard before placing any significant order of value; I don’t suggest using debit cards this year, because once your money is gone…it’s gone! Too many scams already happening; I’ll be checking that kind of stuff out on the government website and will pass that information on soon. Otherwise, for now…be careful online and in-stores shopping this year; the crimes have reached new levels among many major (and smaller) metropolitan areas. These types of criminals could care less if they rob you (or carjack you) in broad daylight today; criminal activity has become more brazen than ever. So Ladies, don’t walk around with your purse open either; it’s like an invitation; there’s been a lot of looky loos in stores these days. Anyhow, planning ahead will help make things a little smoother this Holiday season. There’s no time like the present…to get started. Have a great week and make this holiday season a special one; less glitz and glamour and a whole lot of more LOVE.

Make your week count.


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