Last week Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) ripped Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra during a congressional hearing. Paul began the exchange, asking Becerra whether he was aware of an Israeli study that found natural immunity provided significantly stronger protection than the COVID-19 vaccine.

When Becerra admitted he is “not familiar with that study,” Paul tore into the secretary. Paul said “I think you might want to read up on studies worldwide if you’re going to travel the country insulting the millions of Americans, including NBA star Jonathan Isaac, who had COVID and recovered. That study looked at 2.5 million people and the results showed that if you have had COVID-19 you have 7 times the protection than the currently available vaccines.

Paul then asked, “Are you a doctor or a medical doctor?” Becerra dodged the direct question, telling Paul that he has “worked over 30 years on health policy.” He is not a medical doctor or public health expert. He spent three decades in politics before joining President Joe Biden’s Cabinet this year.

If the Biden administration wants to increase vaccination rates, then Paul told Becerra that officials must stop “lying to people about naturally acquired immunity.” “Quit lording it over people, acting as if these people are deplorable and unwashed. Try persuasion instead of government cudgels. Try humility instead of arrogance. Try freedom instead of coercion.”

Paul was arguing for people who already had COVID-19 that are being required to receive shots anyway. But later in his statements he makes the point that there is no more basic medical right than deciding what we inject into our bodies.” This is regardless of whether or not you have had COVID.

The Biden Administration is trying to coerce everyone to get the shots whether you need them or not. This makes you wonder what is going on. As por administration gets tougher it also makes you look at what is happening around the world at supposedly free countries.

In Australia there are pictures of a citizen being dragged along by 4 or 5 officers for not having a mask on. In Canada a minister who gained fame for kicking police officers out of his church and has since been arrested multiple times for violating COVID-19 mandates. At Calgary International Airport last Monday, he was arrested again. He is now issuing a warning to America, “the tyranny we see in the world is coming for the U.S. if the nation does not “rise up.”

Pawlowski, the lead pastor at Calgary’s Street Church in Alberta, explained that the incident at the airport followed a speaking tour in the U.S. during which the pastor offered a “simple warning,” If you don’t stand up to the type of tyranny going on in Canada, “you’re next.”  Upon landing, he was arrested on criminal charges for not wearing a mask and officiating a church service in June.

The pastor, who grew up under Soviet oppression in Eastern Europe, then noted that he had seen this type of behavior from police and the government before. He said, “What they’re doing today is identical to what I remember growing up.” “I was handcuffed like a like a terrorist on Al Qaeda’s most wanted, taken to the police station and thrown into solitary confinement.” The pastor said, “I was not allowed to see my wife and not allowed to hug my children. I mean, that’s exactly what the Communists did. That’s exactly what the Gestapo did before.”

Will we see the same kind of war against our citizens? It seems it has already started with firing and dismissals everywhere among our best, our brightest and bravest.. It’s beginning to look like some of us are being singled out because of our belief in personal freedoms. Shall we stand with them or let them be taken like the Jews were because people said “I had my shots that is their problem.”  If you think that way, let me suggest that when they come for you, there will be no one left to help you.

4 thoughts on “Are our “Leaders” aware?

  1. 700,000 dead Americans last thought was “I should have gotten vaccinated “. Everyone knows of someone who died from Covid. Stop politicizing Covid.

    PS: Biden is still president.

  2. First of all there no vaccine until 2021 so I guess many of their last words were “I wish Trump had got it sooner”. Now people are dying who are vaccinated. The latest study from the UK shows about the same number of people vac and un-vac are getting infected. These are new experimental drugs who knows? Certainty not Becerra, just another political hack appointed because of who he knows not what he knows, same with other Cabinet appointees. What a mess!

    P.S. Does Biden know it? Because he is screwing it up like someone who hates it.

  3. So now we are supposed to rule our government by what the Israeli’s believe? Rand Paul is a loose cannon. His ideology is opposite of what most Republicans think. Looking at his political history, I would have chosen someone with who doesn’t subscribe to the latest off the wall propaganda from some other country. By the way, Israel donates heavily to Rand Paul. This article is a weak attempt at factual data and once again is just personal bias.

    1. I received your email Mr. Locke and I assure you that I don’t validate my life based on whether I disappoint you or not but not approving your comment immediately is not a matter of ethics, it’s a matter of (working) office hours. Is it unethical to have a day off?

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