Sometime a while back, I had written a short article about personal space and those that continuously come right up next to you, whether you’re standing in line or just shopping, these people like to invade your personal space; so why is it, since the pandemic there are still those individuals that simply refuse to follow the guidelines? If I’m putting groceries on the belt, why do people feel it necessary to come right up on me (at times even touching) and start putting their own items down before you even finish yours? It’s completely annoying, and “Yes” I want my own personal space without being invaded; it’s a matter of Respect.

One would have thought that through this rough patch of life (pandemic), maybe…just maybe…it might have an impact on those that clearly are inpatient and like to invade others’ space; but that didn’t happen. In fact, I believe that there are now those that get their jollies off, so-to-speak. Instead of allowing someone their 3 feet of space, they come right up on you, regardless of signage or general rules; these groups of people just lack respect. Here’s my example…I’m in an aisle looking at candles, there is absolutely no one around. After about 3 minutes, 3 young women came down the aisle. Immediately one comes right up next to me and brushes up against me, almost pushing me aside (mind you there’s no one else in the aisle). I turn my head to look at her and her friends begin laughing…as the one next to me says “let’s stay here and smell the candles.” Honestly, I feel as if this was an act of hate; it’s not the first time I’ve experienced haters in a store. Some people may think that I’m making too much of it, but I know I am not. It doesn’t matter where I go today, I see terrible behavior everywhere, and the lack of respect is growing at a rapid pace in this country. Our highways are full of reckless drivers behaving badly; there is no respect for law either.

If you think about the crimes taking place, some of these people are sure to be space invaders because they’ve no ‘respect’ in the first place for rules. Every individual deserves their ‘personal space’ whether it is in line somewhere or at home, we all need personal space. The stores, government offices and medical facilities all have kept signs up when it comes to crowding or space, but clearly people are ignoring them; and now employees don’t want to approach anyone because of  the ‘haters’ out in this world today and the fear is real. No one wants to be hit, knifed, shot at or…God knows what these days, but people lack respect for others. It’s just sad really.

I could go on with the stories, but my disbelief at people’s behavior has taken its toll on me. I’ve never seen such bad behavior, nor did I think it would last through this pandemic. Not only will life never be the same … but it’s clearly affected individuals behaviors, and Lord knows there’s a shortage of mental help (Doctors). For what it’s worth…’treat others the way you want to be treated’ doesn’t always happen anymore, so instead of engaging in ‘their’ bad behavior…simply walk away; that’s what I did. Suddenly, shopping from home looks better than ever, but I must admit…I miss the good ole’ days for sure.

Make your week count.

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