The Virgin Valley Water District meeting Tuesday had only two items of note on its agenda.

Both items were lease items. The first was for Cecil Leavitt, renewing their ability of rights of first refusal from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, 2022, in the Bunkerville Irrigation Company.

Leavitt leases 1 BIC share at $1,439.82 per year, an amount set during the March budget meeting and following the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s lead on pricing.

The board did approve Leavitt’s renewal.

Bunker Farm, Inc.’s lease was also up for renewal for their thirty-seven shares, at the same amount of $1,439.82 per share, and for the same time frame of Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, 2022.

Board member Richard Bowler wanted to point out that the first right of refusal in these lease agreements is not a perpetuity right.

“It’s basically if we’re leasing them that year then they have the right to match that lease,” he said. But it doesn’t mean it’s an ongoing.

The board did agree to renew the lease, and first right of refusal.

All other consent items, approving the agenda, financial statement, bills paid and other basic items passed.

Steve Hall, water system’s engineer, provided his report, saying that the airport project was well under way. “They’ve already put in the sleeve across the airport and hopefully tomorrow we’ll actually begin fusing and slip lining that.”

Completion is expected Nov. 11.

The Val Vista Booster Station is commencing as well, he said. The 1,000 gallon per minute booster has taken shape and is in the final stages for the building and the pumps will get in after.

Treatment plant 35 is awaiting approval of permits, which may include changes depending on what may be required based on VVWD standards versus state standards.

The Pioneer Boulevard and Falcon Ridge Parkway waterline replacement is in the design stages and will go out for bid in the Spring of 2022, and construction is expected to begin the second half of 2022.

Water resource Manager Aaron Bunker was not at the meeting because of testing on well 35.

The update for the board included replacement of the motor for well 26A, which the motor has arrived and is waiting on a crane to be installed.

Well 32 rehabilitation is progressing as the pump assembly is being pulled for repair under warranty; well 35 drilling is at the drawdown and testing phase; well 36’s borehole has been completed and the well casing is going in with screen and gravel pack.

General Manager Kevin Brown touched on the chemical supply shortage and subdivision plan reviews.

The board meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month, 5 p.m. at the District offices, 500 Riverside Rd.

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