Littlefield, AZ Sept. 24, 1912

Joeseph H. Reber has just returned from the railroad where he has been for a few days with two millionaires from Kentucky to look out for a good port from the Carp Station to the dam site at the Narrows. The cost of the road is estimated at $10,000.00 as there will be 500 batches of oil used on the road to make it an up to date highway.

There will be an election held in this county on Sept. 28 for the purpose of seeing whether the taxpayers are willing to bond the county for eighty thousand dollars to build a courthouse in the Kingman area.

Our boys have gone over the mountain to run the cattle off for the winter as all of the lakes are frozen and the feed is very poor.

Our district school has started with Sherman Cooper of Washington, UT as our teacher. It will run a term of eight months.

Fruit drying is over, molasses is being made with a very good crop and the fifth cutting of hay is almost ready to cut.

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