Mesquite Police held their annual Mesquite Night Out on Sept. 22 at the Mesquite Recreation Center’s West Field.

Many vendors were in attendance as well as residents. Parking was full and the turnout huge.

A live video covering the event can be seen on the Virgin River Times Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/teri.nehrenz/videos/855583775161953

Videos of demonstrations shot by Kris Zurbas are also available on this page

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8 thoughts on “Mesquite’s Night Out was a huge success”
      1. I have seen Kris Zurbas’s pictures and videos on Facebook. A few comments.

        I did not realize we have more police vehicles than citizens. We even have a tank in case we have to storm the Eureka. Evidently the police state is here and we’ll.

        The most disturbing thing I saw was people volunteering to be tasered. Huh? What next? Volunteering to have a cop kneel on your neck for nine minutes? Volunteering to have five police dogs rip you to pieces? All this in front of children. No wonder we have mass shootings every day.

        Finally, do you realize that a lot of our cops, including the Chief who makes over $200K, do not live in Mesquite. Mesquite is only a place to work, not anyplace to raise a family. We pay way too much for too many cops in our little Mayberry town.

      2. David,
        I’m surprised you didn’t know about the police vehicles. They are certainly generous enough to showcase them in nearly every parade in Mesquite since they obtained it. I believe the MLN even did an article on it.

        People have been volunteering to be tasered every year the Mesquite hold their night out. If it were dangerous, they wouldn’t do it but there are some people who are curious. There are those who are curious enough to jump out of a perfectly good airplane but I’m not them. The individuals who volunteered were old enough to make that decision, nobody was forced or anything, not like wearing masks and letting the government perform human trials on you. To each his own, right David?

        I don’t know how much Mesquite cops make, my tax dollars pay the sheriff. I really don’t care but how much should a person who risks their lives every day make? I figure their risk factor has got to be a lot more dangerous than my potential for papercuts so I’m not bothered by what they get paid. If I had to deal with some of the A-Holes they do, I’d want 200K too. If the taxpayers are unhappy about the salaries and amount of police, they’d bring it up in city council but they don’t. This tells me that not all citizens feel that the cops are a waste of money…why do you?
        And on a final note, our website/news source is so boring and filled with nothing but fluff, I’m surprised you visited the website to even watch the videos. 😉

      3. Also, I’m not sure how you know where most of the cops live but I believe they implemented less restrictive residential requirements a few years ago.

        This is straight off the city’s website for a Lateral Police Officer. That doesn’t look like $200k to me.
        Lateral Police Officer
        $53,476.80 – $80,870.40 Annually
        Mesquite, NV
        Job Type
        Full Time
        Must possess at the time of employment and continuously throughout employment a valid Nevada or “border state” driver’s license, as defined by NRS 483.

        Where do you get your exaggerated facts from David

  1. Teri, please calm down. The Chief of Police lives in Utah and makes over $200K. Evidently you and the Chief have decided that Mesquite is such a shithole that you refuse to live here. It is evident from all the press releases from the Mesquite Police Department that maybe we are a cesspool of crime. Is that why you live in Arizona?

    I believe that you should live in the city that pays your salary. That applies to anyone working at the hospital. Besides, it makes no sense to live in Utah or Arizona as both states have state income taxes. Also, driving all the way from Vegas to work in Mesquite is just stupid and a waste of money.

    1. More land, fewer restrictions, no HOA’s for my money. I’ve never lived in Nevada and have paid income tax all my working life, it’s no biggie.
      It’s o.k David. Not everybody is obligated to believe as you do or live their lives according to what makes sense to you.
      That is the wonderful thing about living under our constitution, we are sovereign beings, free to live our lives according to our own standards and beliefs, AIN’T IT GRAND?

      Like Ricky Nelson sang
      “It’s alright now, I’ve learned my lesson well. You see you can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself.”

      I hope you find your own Shangri-La David, I really do.

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