Mesquite Rotary Club Mudd Volleyball winning team Mesquite Desert Warriors celebrate their victory.

Rain greeted Mesquite Saturday morning, but the weather didn’t stop The Mudd Volleyball Tournament or its participants — after all, water and dirt are the name of the game.

The Mesquite Rotary Club hosts the event every year — except 2020 when COVID-19 reared its ugly head – to raise funds for its many causes, such as Mesquite Reads, scholarships, leadership camps, interact clubs and Special Olympics. Organizations including The Salvation Army and the Virgin Valley Food Bank often benefit as well.

The Eureka Casino Resort sponsors and provides the courts behind the casino, creating a down and dirty heaven for the event.

Mesquite Desert Warriors, sponsored by Mortgage Mate, LLC., won the tournament after grueling competition. The company is owned by Brett Lower and Mike Gaumnitz and is at 483 W Mesquite Blvd., Suite A.

“Second place was secured by Deep Roots’ Net Ninjas,” Rotary’s Linda Gault said.

Third place winners were Mud Painters, Baird Painting’s team.

Mesquite Police Department also took part, as Studs of the Mudd.

Pampered Poodles team members try to save, but don’t quite make it, during the Mudd Volleyball Tournament Saturday, Sept. 18.

Among other teams were the Fringe Salon owners Karen Lambert and Danielle Serna along with staff members Dez Zamito, Tori Goodsell, Shayla Ortiz, Tia Guardado and Sal Guardado.

Lambert said the team was excited for the event and having fun. Wearing Fringe t-shirts, the team members threw themselves into each match as Lambert and family watched from the sidelines.

Lambert said she and Serna had their grand opening last year and were in the midst of an 1100-square-foot expansion this year. The tournament was a good way to blow off steam and celebrate the growth.

She invites residents to come and enjoy the fringe benefits of her salon at 786 W. Pioneer Blvd., Suite B.

Danielle Serna, Dez Zamito, Tori Goodsell, Shayla Ortiz, Tia Guardado and Sal Guardado of Fringe Salon.

The Rotary Club of Mesquite Foundation is a 501 (c)3 organization. The group meets every Tuesday at noon in the Mesquite Library, and Thursdays at 8 a.m., via Zoom. For information, contact by email at

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