Hard to believe but is seems that the shining city on the hill is going downhill and fast. Many people saw the President of the United States last week attack citizens, state governors and anyone who disagrees with his dictates. He declared war against those who do not want to be vaccinated, those that do not need to be vaccinated and those who still believe that people have a right to choose what medicines they take and what they do with their health.

He said ridicules things like those that are not vaccinated were a danger to those that were vaccinated. If the vaccines work how can someone not vaccinated be any kind of threat? He also said they are taking up hospitals space, do they not have the same rights as any other citizen to space? Out of the 80 million he claimed, how many have already had COVID and do not need any boosters?

What about the illegals coming in by the hundreds of thousands who are not tested or protected? Then they are spread throughout our country as super spreaders.  If you can find a hospital worker, they will tell you that a great majority of patients are illegals but do not quote them as they will lose their job. How can a President allow these illegals in and penalize our own citizens?

He of course forgets to mention that the vast majority of un-vaccinated people were from the black community. Since that is a fact, the job requirements for workers would fall on the black community who are unemployed already. But then again if you work for a union supporting the Democratic party like the postal workers you are exempt. Also add the members of congress and all their staff who are exempt.

What is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Us little people (Gooses) will do what the dictator says and he and his friends (ganders, Supporters) are free to do what they want. And they sure do. Parties and fundraisers are all exempt, I would like to say no Republicans are involved but most are in up to their necks.

Some may say that I’m anti-vaccine but I’ve had my two and my family has too but I still support those that choose differently. In the old America, individual freedom was what we were about, today give all to the collective. Take from those that have or earn it and give it to those in need. There are so many in need that those that earn must give just a little more and next year just a little more and more and more.

But do not worry we will get most of it from the rich like corporations. Unfortunately, they do not pay taxes they just collect them from their customers (You). Another lie.

6 thoughts on “America is slipping away

  1. Dear Mister Young,

    Accolades to you. You are one of the most courageous people I know. Unfortunately, the whole world has been stealthy slipping away. To confirm that, one only has to keep observing our sky.

    Lesson I learned:
    Being quiet as a mouse, as in “be positive, don’t complain” about being abused or solvable problems only begets more of the same.

    Bless you.

  2. More racist garbage. Your anger at immigrants and blacks is deplorable. Yes, there are thousands of asylum seekers at the border and their vaccination rates are low but they are not crossing the border. They are being turned back and have had very little to do with the spike in cases.

    Your anger at those “lazy “ blacks, because they sit home and collect free stuff, is appalling. We are all in this pandemic together and we will defeat the virus together. Blaming blacks and immigrants is just lazy racism.

    Freedom comes with responsibilities. Encourage people to get vaccinated instead of pushing the Trump lies. We all were mandated to get vaccinated back in the 1950’s. As a result, we no longer have polio.

    1. You are totally out of line playing the racist card. This is not about race, it is about homeland security. Many coming in from the border are not fleeing any sort of oppression, they are taking advantage of Biden’s open border policy. That’s not racist that is fact. Facts cannot be racist. So stop with the nonsense.

  3. Mike; As always you are spot on. And the one thing slow Joe is doing, and I mean everything he does is making Donald Trump LOOK GREAT, keep it up slow Joe !!!!!

  4. You know Mike, I looked and I looked at your post and I just couldn’t find any “racist garbage” Then I looked for the part where you were angry at “those lazy blacks” and I couldn’t find that either. Then I double checked because I didn’t know that all those people I see on the news seeking asylum were not crossing the border, but by golly they were. Finally, I looked and looked again for the part where you were pushing “Trump lies” but after going through your post word by word I couldn’t find any mention of former President Trump. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt so I’m guessing that maybe Mr Petrillo had taken a nap and dreamt you said all those things.

  5. David Patrillo , put your money where your mouth is. Adopt a family and take the responsibility to raise and feed them . I’m sure you will be more than willing??? Or is this burden for someone else to carry?

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