Suits and Boots fight the wars but it seems only one knows how to lose them. The funny thing is many of our long-time legislators always seem to put the losers in charge. It is called “Rules of Engagement.” The boots know how to wipe out the bad guys while the suits always want to hold back so they can make a surrender seem like victory.

The ”Boots” are the Air, Navy and Foot Soldiers, who know how to defeat anyone, anywhere. The Suits are the people in Washington who work in big buildings wearing nice shiny suits or nicely pressed military uniforms with lots of ribbons who have forgotten what it is like to be in the field. This includes all government officials who do whatever necessary to cover their rear. It is like a game of musical chairs, do not get caught without a cover story so that you’re not to blame.

Also, the Suits are Life time legislators who never had a successful job except in the game of “Avoid the Blame.” After about ten years, the important people began to invite the new legislators to the in-crowd parties and lobbyist visit you on a regular basis. The money seems to flow in and they are set for life with a retirement that citizens could only dream about. They begin to believe that they and only they know what is best for the folks that sent them there.

Special Forces are a good example of “Boots,” they are given an assignment and they do not have to call a Suit or Uniform before they shoot. Given an assignment they carry it out regardless of who shoots first. The raid to get Ben Laden is a good example, the assignment was to get him dead or alive even though, before the raid, the then Vice President voted no go. Luckily, a more inexperience President gave the go.

After the war in Iraq the long-timers wanted to pull out and we did. ISIS then formed and declared a Caliphate. Bad things begin to happen, but a new inexperienced President who was just a successful business man was elected. He did not listen to the “Suits and Uniforms.” He ordered the Boots to take them out and they were gone. No “Rules of Engagement” just “Take them out.” He turned the Boots loose and the Caliphate was gone in short order.

In our Afghanistan surrender, the ”Suits” would not even let our military leave the airport to go get Americans and our allies in the city or even out in the country, if they could not make it on their own, we left them behind. The President when on Television said we sent them 7 notices to get our but if they did not leave, it’s not his fault. Our Allies, well they did not even get a letter, but you can imagine how bad the mail service is in Afghanistan. Promises made, Promises kept. Unfortunately, some rogue veterans and do-gooders are still trying to help out those they promised to help. But the suits will take credit for any they manage to get out anyway.

This is also really a pain for the Suits as they only complicate the hard job, they have of bribing the Talban.

What to do? Rewrite history and declare “Victory” we got out more people than anyone before (just not all the right people). Anyway, we can give out some more ribbons and promote the Suits. Bigger offices and bigger titles and of course more money. That’s the way things work in Washington today. What the hell has happened to our country?

2 thoughts on “We lost this war too

  1. Great job Mike. This anniversary of 911 reminds us that 20 years ago during a disaster, brave Americans ran into danger to save American lives. Unfortunately it will now be be marred by the fact that when disaster loomed again, Joe Biden ran out.

  2. Joe Biden has ruined our 9-11 commemoration! Instead of remembering the heroes and tragedies of 9-11, we have been handed a new tragedy which is a national humiliation that should never have happened. Thanks, Mr. President.
    Our men and women in uniform are still heroes!

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