Changes have been taking place since the beginning of the pandemic, but some of these changes have been anything but ‘good’ for our aging generations. Fewer in-person services by our government, along with shortened retail and restaurant hours…and how we shop in general have changed. The new normal is here and it continues to evolve; and my heart goes out to our aging folks.

Do you find yourself longing for the days where people were friendlier, the world felt more in-tune together, the roads weren’t full of reckless drivers every day, or your left at a self-checkout with no one to help, because you put an item down where it didn’t belong so you can’t continue, and you’re tired of hearing about the rotten politics that plaque this country every single day…it’s as if you were dropped into a world you never imagined, and going back in time looks better than ever; however impossible.

This new normal has been created for our younger generations, as they are the ones growing up in an electronic world, full of devices that can be worked from anywhere. They are also the ‘self-love’ generation and their priorities don’t match up with many of the older folk. I find a few things on this subject disturbing, because most children today are focused on themselves, rather than a ‘family unit.’ Isolation made many things worse for our aging generation; not just the smaller children. The constant threat of the ongoing virus affects our everyday life, and as it continues…so do all of these ‘new’ changes taking place. So for the elderly still living on their own, problems and healthcare most likely go unresolved.

See…for me, I was raised in a family that cared for aging parents, grandparents and so on, but today the first thing someone says, “Just put them in a home or something.” Wow…people are definitely different from when I grew up, but that’s how the younger generations deal with that…no time for aging folks. My heart weighs heavy for all of the aging people today; you do your best to work and build a life with family worth living. Then one day you’re too old to do certain things, and your aging body makes it difficult, so you call upon members of your family for a hand; you know what happens next…nothing. This past year of isolation has taken its toll on the aging; aging them quicker than ever. This is not a throw-away society and our government is too busy to take notice; But every day they hand out checks to younger families, take in thousands of immigrants (housing, clothing, feeding, medical care), give free meals to children at public schools…but what about our elderly on fixed incomes!? They spent their life working, paying into the system and I don’t see anything been given to them; there’s so many things wrong with this picture, it’s sad. They will continue to face obstacles, especially if they don’t use the internet. Sometimes I think the younger generations will rejoice when the majority of that population is deceased, so that they can continue to make the changes they want in this high-tech world. I understand that we have to grow and make changes, but since the break-out of the virus, the handouts don’t always go in the right place. It’s time to help out our aging folks…we need to be gentle, offer kindness with respect, and always …always remember … you too will be old one day.


Make your week count.

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