Today we salute our leaders and chief who promised to leave no one behind, who told the American people about his commitment to remain in Afghanistan until every citizen was evacuated. After the last U.S. plane departed Kabul,

Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. on Monday announced Monday evening that the last of the U.S. troops stationed at the Kabul airport had left, even though hundreds of Americans likely remain. So much for “Nobody gets left behind.”

Under Joe Biden, the terrorist called all the shots, let’s stop lying to ourselves and everyone else. The Taliban is a terrorist group yet we depended on them for safe passage for our own people and those who helped us. Military operations are supposed to take options away from your enemy. Yet the U.S. became totally dependent on the good graces of the Taliban for the evacuation at the Kabul airport. That itself was a disaster.

We gave up one of the best airports in the world at Bagram. The base was abandoned and all the equipment was left behind, so there would be more troops to cover the embassy and the Kabul airport but we still did not have enough troops so we asked the bad guys to help. Smart move?

If you listen to the administration spin during the evacuation; “greater success than the Berlin airlift.” This was like waving a red flag in front of the enemy thus making the airport an irresistible target for terrorist and they proceeded to do the deed. They would increase the humiliation of the U.S. retreat. But the biggest lie of all was that we struck back.

Because Biden said we will get them, a manufactured drone strike was the pollical solution. Just a few hours later the administration claimed that they got the guys that planned the bombing. Now the intelligence agency, who could not stop the bombing could find the bad guys hundreds of miles away in a few hours is such a blatant lie that no one could believe except for some mainstream news agencies who tried to give Biden cover for the failures. Then there was a second drone strike on a potential bomber. Wow our intelligence agency is really alive and well. Makes you wonder why did they not get these guys before.

Finally; Ignore your friends and allies. Biden decided on a plan that would be just a “bug out.” This would mean no coordination with the Afghans or our NATO allies. Afghanistan might collapse in a week, 11 days or 6 months, but so what. They will have all the military equipment to sell to the highest bidder.

What about those they left behind, stranded no, no abandoned? If they can somehow get out or if former retired military can get them out, they should be awarded Biden Fortune. The secretary of state, Blinken, Jake Sullivan and all the Generals that unanimously approved the plan, plus  Joe Biden all need to be held responsible and given the award for the biggest failure in American history a large letter “F” painted red for the blood they left behind and then, Fired, American citizenship revoked and then sent to Afghanistan for re-education.

4 thoughts on “After the battle

  1. You are reminded Mr Young that Trump started the pull out before Biden was aroung and left such a small military force, it was unsustainable to accomplish anything.

    But spin it your way. If an American wanted to get out, they’d be out. Period.

    Keep in mind Young, hate doesn’t live in Mesquite.

  2. “Keep in mind Young, hate doesn’t live in Mesquite.” HMM, I do not see hate in this post MR. Locke, I see the truth, if you read the NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post you will see they all say the same thing!! This was a huge mess and all of these newspapers supported Slow Joe. Again where is the HATE, here I see the TRUTH !!

  3. Martin – no hate here but then again, I was not left behind. I feel disgust, for those at the top and great sadness for those we left behind. For those that believe in us and helped us, huge grief. However, I saw all the big guys on T.V. patting each other on the back for a job well done.

  4. There was a choice. He could have looked at the situation from a humanistic perspective or a national interest perspective, but after a half century in Washington was there any doubt that he would choose the decision that afforded him what he thought was a quick political win? He’s under water with the border, crime, inflation concerns, etc, and with somewhere around 74% of Americans favoring leaving Afghanistan, he figured this was a sure thing. I don’t believe he has the capacity to visualize or conceptualize a multi faceted problem and whether you like him or not he’s had quite a run by pandering to favorable polling data, so why would he change. I don’t think the “how” ever entered his mind, nor would he be deterred. Sometimes a humanistic or a long term national interest is the best for a long term political benefit, but he’s always been a short term guy as evidenced by a career of changing opinions based on current or fleeting sentiments. He’s certainly not unique in the political world.

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