According to the recent research (due to pandemic), the general population has seen their waist lines increase by 35% since it all began. Clearly people have exchanged their work attire for something more comfortable, and so it is…”out with the old and in with the new.”  One of the major changes seen among fashion trend setters is the skinny jean.

Wider pant legs are making a comeback; it always comes back you know. I’m happy to see the skinny jeans go; I found them to be somewhat uncomfortable and quite revealing, if you catch my drift. And according to a most recent article in Elle (Fashion Magazine), the leg-hugging pants are giving way to the ‘looser’ more comfortable looking stylish pant leg. While I had a hard time believing about the ‘demise’ of the skinny jeans, it surely didn’t stop me from researching the cause; is it the ‘weight’ issue, or is it something else. Well, it’s a combination of things really, and nothing stuck out as far as impertinent information…after all, I guess it’s just clothing.

Levi-Strauss Company was founded in 1853, and went on to be a successful Denim brand of clothing, but while things slowed for most retailers during this pandemic, Levis decided to acquire the ‘Beyond Yoga’ brand company. They will now embrace their ‘active-wear’ line. Denim is making another comeback, but with looser and straight-leg fitting jeans; in fact…Yahoo Life described the loose denim as “the denim cut of the moment.” Trendalytics (trendsetter analysts), had stated since 2019… searches for looser fit jeans had more than doubled, and is continually climbing at an accelerated rate. As the public continues to shift on casualization (clothing wear), it comes as no surprise that the Levi-Strauss brand will maximize itself on evolving current trends, such as their denim line and now active wear. Levis Co. has been feeling a momentum by shoppers, online and in stores. It also has seen a boost in its second-quarter earnings this past July, and analysts are predicting a profit as this year comes to a close. Good news for Levi-Strauss.

As far as the fashion world goes, I think it’s still on hiatus, kind of like this variant going around. No one knows where, how, or what is ultimately going to happen anymore…there are too many factors that play into this; but that’s another subject. I’m all for the new look; wider pant legs…looser fit clothing. To me…this means comfort, but if you’re one that likes your skinny jeans, then you better hang on to them. You never know when certain clothing items come back; who would have ever thought retro clothing could be so cool!

Make your week count.



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