Luke 1:80

New Living Translation

80 John grew up and became strong in spirit. And he lived in the wilderness until he began his public ministry to Israel.

 John the Baptist had a singular and important job assignment. He was to prepare for Jesus, who would be coming soon as long-awaited Messiah (Luke 1:76).

The Lord himself prepared John for his task. Who could have taught him all he needed to know? What university, with its courses and lectures, was there that offered the lessons of becoming a prophet who would change history forever? None! So instead God sent John into solitude in order to teach him personally through these years which were spent outside society’s norms; out among cacti and scorpions in deserts where one must survive on what they can find or catch themselves until thirty years old.

John’s ministry was touching lives. Six months in, the whole nation of Israel was experiencing revival and anticipating Jesus’ coming as their Messiah-King. When Jesus finally came, some Jews wondered how he could know things without being taught—their question is answered by understanding that this man has an intimate connection with our Father who resides in Heaven (John 7:15).

This special knowledge which springs from the Holy Spirit’s guidance is now available to every believer.

There have been many times I have walked through desert experiences. I have had to deal with a loss of identity, loss of income, and loss of multiple friends over the years. Each of these times were very trying but I would not exchange them for the world. These times created a depth in me that is more valuable than gold.

The Holy Spirit is our teacher, but we have to show up and be ready for class. He has been sent as a sign of the new covenant between God and man (Heb 8:11).  The Holy Spirit is our teacher. He will show us things to come and guide you in all truth, if we just listen (John 16:13).


Pastor Duke

Pastor Duke Taber and his wife Sue pastor Mesquite Worship Center located at 140 Riverside Rd. Ste D. in the Sherwin Williams Building. You can join them Sunday’s at 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM and Wednesday’s at 7:00. Absolutely everyone is welcome and you can come as you are.

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  1. Duke, I so much enjoy your posts. I hope and pray that everyone takes a short moment to read this… I hope and pray that their hearts will be touched for Christ our Lord. Excellent lost- good reading.

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