This story was to be all about Afghanistan but all that could be said, is being said by the 24-hour news cycle. All that could be said about the President’s mental condition is being speculated about on T.V… The refugees’ plight is being shown in full color. So, let’s talk about America’s commitments.

“Nobody gets left behind.” This is of course a carry over from the military, primarily the Marines and Special Forces. It sounds great and is a real call to duty. But sometimes it is inconvenient and requires the people in suits to stick their neck out so it is good for the soldiers but maybe not for us the State Department or the Department of Defense HQ people. As long as we get our people out, we’re good. Regular folks are on their own, after all we are the important folks that have all the facts and have to make up for other’s mistakes.

The nice part is we can recommend anything but it’s the boots on the ground that have to make it happen. If they fail it is not our fault. We can promise a country or people anything but we do not have to make it happen. Things like “you help us and we will protect you.” “We have your back” Taiwan and Israel. It is a good thing we do not have to do the job as it looks tough.

Take the current situation in Afghanistan, all these Americans are all over the country and we can’t be expected to know where they are, yes, we checked them in to the country but they may have moved or something. Those that helped us, we have that list too but when we had to leave so quickly, someone must have left the lists behind by accident.

People left out in the country should have had an exit plan to get to our airport and when they get here, we give them free airfare. We know other countries are going out to get their people but we expect our people to at least make some effort to get here. We can’t be expected to do everything.

So that’s how it goes “Promises made, Promises kept”, (luckily kept by somebody else). Here at the State Department, we get to wear nice clothes and get high pay. We do not have to get down and dirty. Maybe sometimes we have to go to some terrible country and serve a few years but then we get the big jump because we are experienced. All that Jack Ryan stuff is phony we do not have to do anything like that.

We heard that some private groups are trying to get flights in to take people out. What an outrage we will handle the job and do not need outsiders. They are only showboating and do the thing Ross Perot did in Iran. Sure, they got a few out but we had to kiss up to Iran to make up for it. This State Department job is tough enough without interference. Out Moto is “We get to make promises, while other get the job done.”

4 thoughts on “American commitments

  1. Our military knows what the risks are but are willing to accept those risks to save American lives or further American goals despite the peril to themselves. I’m ok with politicians making decisions as that is their job, but once those decisions are made, they should get the hell out of the way and let the military do what they do.

  2. Dear Mike i wanted to follow up with this; as we in America have a problem !!!


    A man whose disastrous Afghanistan exit “strategy” has led to the deaths of American soldiers. At the time of this writing, the death count was 12.
    I have no illusions you’ll stumble upon this open letter, perhaps confusing it for the “MTWTFSS” pill box sitting beside your teeth on your bathroom vanity. Were you a pillar of leadership and titan of thought before crawling butt first down the dark stairs toward full demented old geezer, I’d allow you some grace. But let’s not pretend the name “Joe Biden” caused those who heard it to perk up to respectful attention. Unless it was an underage girl looking for an exit. This open letter will move no needles. It will call no action. It is but a vessel for my simple human feelings, which today can best be described as “angry.”
    After news of the terrorist attack from Kabul today, your administration reacted by showing weakness:
    You’d think it couldn’t get worse, but perhaps caving to public pressure, your handlers strapped on their white gloves, dosed you with whatever they needed to to keep you animated, and sent you out to speak to the press. But not without a list of who to call on first.
    The entire press conference was an exercise in national embarrassment. Our enemies are watching right now, cheering themselves. You’re weak. Ineffectual. Incoherent. Some would argue, myself included, not actually the one in command, instead controlled by others unknown.
    This, however, is pure Joe Biden:
    That’s right, the buck stops with you. But not before blaming the guy who came before. Classic tactic straight from the Vice President of Barack Obama’s playbook. A president you served under for 8 years. Nothing was done about Afghanistan during y’alls 8 year tenure, though. One could argue Trump could’ve blamed you and Barack for this mess. And I’d remind you as I did earlier, as Commander in Chief, you’re allowed to make new deals. You’re allowed to renegotiate. If you thought Trump’s plan was garbage, why follow it? Blaming the guy who came before you is also a weak move. It suggests you’re not a leader at all, you’re just a follower forced into the ways of the past. This time following someone who you were supposed to replace. Not exactly an inspirational moment.
    But hey, at least we have this image.
    Doesn’t telegraph weakness at all. This is fine.
    At least 12 marines are dead because of this withdrawal carried out by the Biden Administration. Sure, there are people reading this letter right now possibly screaming at me, because how could someone as confused and demented as Joe Biden clearly is, be running the country? Fair question. One I’ve made several times.
    Figurehead or not, Joe Biden is the President of the United States. Figurehead or not, the actions and words of Joe Biden are seen and heard by all. Including our enemies. When I say Joe Biden has blood on his hands, I’m not just referring to those who lost their lives in Kabul. I’m referring to the blood in which Joe and his administration will be awash as consequences for this abysmal leadership. This disaster will have repercussions, not just in Afghanistan.
    Joe Biden, your weakness has killed Americans and possibly lead to the deaths of many more. Some may accuse me of using fear tactics. I really hope I’m wrong. Sincerely. But if I were an enemy of the United States, and I saw how weak American leadership is, how foolishly decisions are made, like giving a list of Americans and Afghan allies to the actual Taliban, how trust is placed with the Taliban to do the right thing, how we prioritize being “woke” instead of strong, I have to assume our enemies will exploit that weakness. Our enemies always seek to inflict more damage than daring to misgender. Yet you, your administration and indeed the Democrat Party, seem far more concerned with misgendering, pushing a vaccine on those who do not want it, than dealing actual problems effectively.
    You are not doomed to fail. You already have. Sadly, it’s the rest of us who will pay the price.

    1. Sad, very sad. You do realize it was an ISIS suicide bomber who killed our troops, not Biden? Trump blamed Obama for everything while president. I will make you a deal. No more wars unless we are being invaded. In exchange, I will not call you a warmonger.

      1. WOW, I am happy you read my post Mr Petrillo; here is some more info. you will never see on CNN, NBC or CBS;
        Tue, Aug 31, 2021 3:19 pm

        Scattered in seven Afghan army garrisons across the country, from Kabul and Kandahar to Herat, Mazar-Sharif, Kunduz, these arms depots include an impressive amount of U.S. military hardware: 22,174 armored Humvees, for example, 42 pickup trucks and SUVS, 64,363 machine guns, 162,043 radios. 16,035 night vision goggles, 358,530 assault rifles (the real ones, not the “assault rifles” that Joe Biden warns about at home), 126,295 pistols, and 176 artillery pieces.
        And that’s just for starters. The U.S. also generously left behind more than 100 helicopters, including 33 Blackhawks, 4 C-130 transport planes, and some 60 other fixed-wing aircraft. There was also oodles of ammunition to go along with all the loot.
        Of course, military hardware is not all that we have left behind. The evacuation “mission” is apparently also leaving behind hundreds of Americans. Biden is not letting U.S. citizens through the airport gates. It has been impossible to get anyone through for the last 24 hours.

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