All of you who voted for Biden and his fellow travelers have sentenced to death thousands in Afghanistan plus you wasted the lives and limbs of so many young Americans who fought there for our freedom. Gone are the good policies that drove the economy to record highs and replaced it with policies that encourage people to not even go back to work. All you have to look at is all the help wanted signs and the number of people still collecting unemployment. You voted for giving up working for welfare.

You sold out self-sufficiency for renewed dependency on the Middle East oil. Back to sending our wealth out of our country and giving it to people who hate us. Just a year ago you appreciated inexpensive gas and high-paying pipeline energy jobs. Now President Biden is pleading OPEC to produce more oil. Their oil doesn’t hurt the environment as ours does and Americans are glad to send their dollars overseas.

You voted to block the oil pipeline out of Canada and put our workers out of a job and then installed an illegal immigration pipeline to fill those entry jobs American workers might take. The good thing about immigration from Mexico is it is bringing in lots of drugs and COVID-positive migrants. No wonder the number of cases is increasing and Biden can now keep in control. Delta variant, no super spreaders, just check who is filling hospitals, its illegals.  This year we will bring in about 2,000,000 people we could fill a whole new state.

Inflation is up sharply – 5.4% from a year ago, beating any wage gains. We are paying more for everything and that is just since January. Nice price for gas, food, and cars, both new and used. Some complained about the last President’s spending but now it is Trillions not billions. the Democrats have already spent $6.5 trillion with an income of an estimated $3.8 trillion.

You voted out safety and security for less safety and security. The only spending cuts Democrats care about is that of security. You also traded equality for a system of justice for one that lets protesters on the left burn down businesses, set buildings ablaze, and rob those businesses with impunity. Protesters on the right will be thrown in jail and held for months without trials. Then be classified as domestic terrorists persecuted for the rest of their lives.

You see in the cities, demands for defunding the police, releasing criminals without bail, reducing felonies to misdemeanors, and electing prosecutors who refuse to charge those who commit crimes. Their solution is to eliminate crime by calling it repatriation and redistribution of wealth.

For those who hated Trump and voted against him just remember this, he was the one who fast-tracked the vaccine that has been enormously successful. Yet, even for that success, Joe Biden is happy to take credit.  Someone asked are you better off than you were? This change has been very costly, our quality of life has been going down. And now they want to take control of local elections. That could prevent voters from ever restoring the freedom and prosperity we took for granted just a few months ago. God help us!

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  1. Mike, I am way better off financially now than a year ago. The stock market is at an all time high. My net worth is at an all time high even as I am forced to withdraw from it. But your comment about Afghanistan is way off the mark.

    Your God Trump was the one who invited the Taliban to the White House. Cue the picture of Mike Pompeo next to the leader of the Taliban. Trump wanted us out before the election. Do you think anything would have been different had we got out last Fall? Biden made the right decision. Every war since WW2 was a complete waste of lives and cash. Even Trump had it right when he stated that Iraq and Afghanistan should never had happened.

    Our quality of life is way up. You might want to come out of your basement to see what is really going on. At least you have given up the claim of election fraud. Even the Pillow Guy was completely embarrassed when he could produce zero evidence. Are you Trumpers born that way or is it because your brains lose cells as you grow older?

  2. David – Glad you’re so well off. I guess you did not notice higher priced gas or food. You night want to turn on your T.V. and watch what is happening in Afghanistan. Trump’s deal was condition based and they did not live up to terms. It was scheduled for May (after the elections). Biden did give a speech on Corvid-19, however, it should have been is Spanish as most of the spreaders are coming in on the south border, in fact it should be translated into several languages.

  3. Video surfaced Tuesday showing Joe Biden in 2003 defending “Nation Building” in Afghanistan; saying the alternative is “blood-thirsty warlords” and terrorists taking control of the country.

    “In some parts of the administration, ‘Nation Building’ is still a dirty phrase. But the alternative to nation building is chaos. Chaos that churns out blood-thirsty warlords, drug traffickers and terrorists,” said then-Senator Biden.

    “We’ve seen it happen in Afghanistan before, and I am quite fearful it may happen again,” he added. “Warlords, drugs, terrorists, the connection is clear as a bell.”

    Nearly two decades later, President Biden is now presiding over the botched withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

    A new poll from the Trafalgar Group shows a vast majority of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, raising serious new questions for Democrats heading into the highly contested midterm elections.

    “When broken down by party, 48 percent of Democrats disapprove of the president’s handling of the situation, while almost 40 percent of those polled gave him positive marks,” reports The Hill.
    “But the gap was much wider among Republicans: Nearly 89 percent said they disapprove of the job Biden is doing when it comes to Afghanistan, with only 7 percent saying they approve.

  4. RE; MY POST ON Slow Joe in 2003 shows we have a president who is not all there. David Petrillo needs to do his home work before he posts !!

    1. Biden is the best President in my lifetime, or at least since January 20, 2017. How can anyone support a person who tried, and is still trying, to overthrow the government of the United States? As far as Afghanistan, Trump let 5,000 Taliban out of prison including the new President of Afghanistan. We had no business in Afghanistan other than to take out Bin Laden. We did not need $2Trillion dollars to do it, just special ops. Republican’s have been great at getting us into needless wars, no so great at getting us out. A slug on a dead tree would be a better President than Trump. Talk about not all there. He is a person who has never been there or anywhere else.

  5. 1. Biden voters didn’t waste the lives of anyone. No one has died in Afghanistan since he took office. The plan to exit was already laid and the admitted exit fiasco would have played out just the same 10 years ago or 10 years from now. Afghanistan is a troubled country, has been for centuries, and likely will remain so for years to come. One of the issues that is muddying the waters of getting folks out of Afghanistan is right-wing resistance to modifying the vetting process that could help get the thousands you say have been “sentenced to death” out of the country––those “sentenced to death” are the very people Republicans don’t want in the U.S. as neighbors and co-workers. Mr. Biden’s actions are an example of putting country over party. He is taking the right action as a leader even though it may harm his political chances. Bravo for him.
    2. The economy is growing. Jobs are being created at all-time record rates and the wages are better than ever. Millions are going back to work, so any “policies that encourage people to not even go back to work” seem to be working instead to get folks back on the job. Anyone not working because welfare is paying them more should understand that this is temporary, and the jobs that pay such meager wages are going away––due to Biden’s policies. Basic econ 101 tells us that in capitalism, when the economy recovers from a recession or depression, the added money available to business and consumers will trigger inflation. You can’t have one without the other. So, if you want low inflation, you also have to advocate for a crappy economy. The Fed is aware of what is happening and is working on it. Inflation, handled correctly, will be soon level off and become the new economic norm. The reason there was no inflation to speak of during Trump’s administration is that he inherited a long booming economy from Obama that had already worked through the inevitable inflation after coming back from recession.

    There’s more here to debate, but enough for now.

  6. I think Joe Biden is a great President and especially like the way, uh, you know, um, eh, he does, uh, that thing, eh, the way, um, you know, uh, that thing, eh, he does.

  7. Terry – Are you kidding no one has been killed, maybe no Americans but I doubt that. The bad guys might not bring the bodies forward for a count and since we do not know who’s in country lots may never come home. Of Course locals that helped us do not count in any body count. I want people in this country that support America, not criminals.
    My Econ 101 and 201 said government printing and spending more money then they receive cause inflation. One of us needs to go back to school.

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