America is known as the land of plenty…and Americans have plenty of choices. From dining out to grocery shopping, going to the movies to picking a television show, from where to purchase household items to what kind of car you want to drive; there is no shortage of choices here in America.

How many choices do we really need on a menu? If I’m going out for Italian, that’s what I would like to eat, but there are some restaurants which feel the need to please everyone, so they add a section on their menu for ‘American food’ such as hamburgers. Often times when restaurants have a larger variety, the quality (standard) doesn’t always meet the expectations of the consumer. That being said…I was one that embraced the smaller version of a menu (due to pandemic) when dining out. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to eat when there are too many options; some people get completely stressed out, as the decision making process alone can be problematic for some, out of fear that they’ll make the ‘wrong’ choice. Just like grocery shopping…people stand in aisles staring at all of the selections when it comes to  canned or frozen goods, and or maybe they’re trying to decide on which laundry detergent to purchase; either way, the choices and options are plentiful.

There’s just about something for everyone these days when it comes to viewing movies or television shows, with a lot of streaming options. Reality TV has something for ‘almost’ everyone. Choices are plentiful in the love department for TV viewers, like  bachelorettes (bachelors), not to mention Paradise and Temptation Island, to watching a variety of ‘other’ Reality TV (if that’s your thing)…such as Hoarders, Pawn Stars, Court TV, marine life, pet vet, DIY shows and more; nor is there a shortage of Social Media platforms.

How many automobiles did we really need in America? I remember the days when there were fewer choices, Chrysler, Ford, GM and then…came Toyota; and today there are many choices that include foreign products. It’s kind of a funny thing…people wanted more, so as America grew, so did the growth of products (American and Foreign), and so on. But, this is part of the big draw when it comes to America; The land of Opportunity.

The endless opportunities are what drive people to come to America in the first place, but somewhere along the line ‘Greed’ often takes over. It becomes their mission to figure out what else people might need or more so… what they want; making products bigger, better, readily available and with more variety. Check out all of the services that were propelled by the shutdown; Grub Hub, Door Dash, Postmates, Instacart and Uber Eats. Stores such as Target, Walmart and others like them now have shopping and delivery services. It is the people (behind the scenes) that are employed and paid to ‘up their game’ so-to-speak; which ultimately brings in the money. If one has an idea for a product or service, then maybe ‘Shark Tank’ might be for you; it’s another opportunity.

America will continue to grow, so options and choices will always be there; with the next ‘Big’ thing or idea right around the corner. Believe it or not, we do have a lot of choices today, and as things in our world continue to change and grow, so will the needs of people; so there’ll always be the ‘New & Improved’ items and services for the consumer; its how the world turns and will keep on turning.


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