Your invited! The President has invited people from all over the world (Except Cuba) to come too America and no worry about boarder entry. Fee health care, free everything that the America tax payer will provide. No worry about Covid 19 we do not care if you are sick, we will take care of it at no cost to anyone who comes into the country sick or not. So, if you are sick, make it to the boarder if you possibly can and we will take care of you.

Need a job? Come to America, we will not pay you what we pay American workers but you can work and still collect welfare and even send some of it home. You don’t have to worry about taxes or withholding, you employer will wave it. Got a bad criminal record do not worry we will not look and in many places, we just let you go if you violate some law so not to worry. Anything goes.

Do not speak English, not to worry we will teach you or in many cases you do not need it. Other languages California and other states prints everything in many, many languages. Language is not important anyway as long as you can work. Do not want to work, in some states you can steal up to $1,000 at a time and it is not a crime it just repatriations. We owe you anyway because, we have been successful and you have not so let us give you some things.

If you do not want to work you get benefits anyway so it kind of stupid to work. If one or two day a week you want to pick up some cash you can panhandle or just work as day labor and not have to give up some cash or benefits. Those welfare payments are adjusted for where you live go pick a nice area.

Now for the America tax payer, we are not going to rase taxes to cover the expense of taking care of an extra 1,000,000 people a year and hopefully more next year. They luckily, will not have to pay taxes because they are poor, but we will allow them to vote because they are living here now. For our tax payers, we will have to adjust some deductions and levels but no raising the rates except on rich people. We will also need to print more paper money to pay the costs so somethings might things might cost more gasoline and food but that is life. The good news that if you are on food stamps, we will just give you more of them.

We do not invite the Cubans because they just repeat lies about their country. They do not spread the joy of socialism and tend to vote Republican. We are hoping you all share our joy in our accomplishments and will vote along with these new residents. We are all Democratic together.

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