How lucky we are to have been born into the American dream. People all over the earth want to come here to live that dream but some who are already here want to destroy the dream. Throughout the history of mankind, people were born into a world that where their family or clan were born that is where you stayed. But here in America you are what you make of yourself.

That ability has allowed people without money or connections to work hard and prosper. At the beginning of our country, the English introduced slavery which was common practice in most of the world. So not everyone here had an equal chance until the Civil War which freed the slaves and began their journey to freedom. Unfortunately, most of the freed slaves had almost no education and could only do manual labor, yet some still prospered and some became influential citizens such as Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), Booker T. Washington (1856 – 1915), Sojourner Truth (1797 – 1883) and Harriet Tubman (1822 – 1913).

Although born in the time of slavery they rose out of the morass and made a difference. After the war, many attitudes were still restrictive especially in the south and in other areas of the country. A change in belief and attitudes can take a lifetime and it has in many areas of the country, yet progress was still being made.

There arose a group of people who changed America’s whole system. People like Thurgood Marshall (1908 – 1993) a US civil rights lawyer and the first African-American appointed to the US Supreme Court. Marshall was the lead lawyer in the pivotal Supreme Court Case Brown vs Board of Education which overturned legal segregation in the US. Martin Luther King was another pivotal figure in the civil rights movement. During the 1950s and 1960s, he sought to improve race relations and helped overturned discrimination in American society.

Not all racism is gone and some may always be hidden but incredible progress has been made, in congress, business, arts and sports. Some might say there was just a few lucky ones, but that is simply not true. All the above-mentioned names committed themselves to their trade and/or mission. They did not fall into success they worked hard for it.

Some say that we are a racist society but that is a part of human history. Tribes, cults and countries are the history of mankind. If you were born right, you had it made, if you were of a lower class or cast, there was little future for you. Many different models of government have been tried and nothing but one seems to change that.

Yet today, a group of people are pushing ‘sharing the wealth’, so you earn it and we all share it. Sounds pretty good to some because maybe they “do not like authority and those bosses” so let’s share. “Those that make out are just white racist so let’s take away what they have stolen”. We need to give to those that have been oppressed. The governments job is to insure wealth equality.

Those that built this country said “you were not born into a castle where everything is provided, you were born into a land of opportunity where everything is available but you do have to work for it.’ Many great people of all colors have said success is a matter of character not birth. Building character is far more important than constantly sending people welfare checks. Giving things to people forever destroys character and builds dependency. A great example is the Asian American. The Asian-American is an Inconvenient Minority, mostly coming to America with nothing, they have risen to great heights in business, academic and science fields, everywhere except welfare.

There are examples of blacks, browns, yellow and white people who have done the same but somehow their hard work and dedication are overlooked. In every field there are those who rose to the top. Some will say that it’s only athletics and music, but any of those people who have been successful will tell you of the long hours, days, weeks, months and years of practice to get even near the top, it is not handouts, its character that keeps you going those long days and nights where you have to do it again, only better.

The American dream is under heavy attack not by outsiders but from within. We are in for the fight of our lives. The good news is there are only a few of them who are trying to destroy the dream. We who believe in the dream, must all stand against them and call them for what they are; progressives, socialists and finely communists who just want the world equal, except for them, the new ruling class. Remember they think they are smarter than us and know what is best for us.

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  1. How many columns will you write about the same topic? You are wrong that people want to distribute money to everyone else. I challenged you many years ago to go out and find one able bodied person who is of working age, not caring for a family member, who is just sitting at home and collecting money from the government. Have you found that person? No, because what you claim is not reality. Welfare serves a purpose when people are out of work but no one gets benefits for ever. Your other claim that people are lazy is ridiculous. You seem to imply that blacks are lazy which is a very racist opinion. People of color have to work a lot harder than others to overcome systemic racism. People of color are more apt to be arrested and imprisoned for mainly drug offenses. They have to overcome racist sentences for the same crimes that white offenders get reduced sentences. For example, two whites in Pennsylvania committed election fraud by voting for dead relatives. They did no jail time. A black man in Texas waited 7 hours to vote in a primary election but was charged since he still had a few weeks left on his 15 year probation. He was jailed on a $100,000 bond. Would that happen to a white person? Never.

    We are the lucky ones. We were born white in the US. White privilege was very evident back in the 1950’s when I was growing up. Blacks could only live in certain areas, were denied chances to buy a house, and were treated poorly. Yes, things are getting better. But we still have a long way to go. Democrats, liberals, progressives, BLM, and other groups you like to hate are not trying to destroy the American dream. That is being done by the Trump zealots who want to destroy our democracy. You know, the ones like Annie Black who believes in the Big Lie, who attended the insurrection, and who would support a coup to put Trump back in the White House. Direct your anger at those people, not people who are only trying to make America a more inclusive county for everyone.

    1. David, your comments about Annie Black are way out of line, you have no idea what she would or would not support. Also you call it an insurrection she attended, but realize that there was a huge rally going on just a few feet away that was totally legal. The few that went into the Capital were not armed but one was shot and killed anyway and no one knows who or why. Many of these people are being held without trial. What is being done to them violates their right to a speedy trial. Constitution be dammed.

      More blacks in jail, did you ever think that blacks may be committing more crimes? The reason more crimes, maybe a lack of family structure to teach character. In my work in South Central L.A. I found many kids did not know of anyone who had a job except for selling drugs. How did they live? The welfare checks kept coming and a little stealing and selling drugs was all they knew. All other races seem to grow up in a culture that includes working people. The brightest future seems to be those that join the military where they learn Character and job skills.

      Redistribution of wealth, what do you think our taxes are doing? Yes they help build our military and roads but much just goes to support people. It has been estimated that welfare benefits are equivalent to about $40,000 a year. Also take a look at all the homeless camps, you might see someone who could work but why. Remember the lady who lay on the corner of Pioneer and the freeway offramp for days just laying there collecting what people would give her. She continues to collect from the government and refuses to work. All the new illegals are being totally supported by taxes.

      1. I would also like to point out that not one person being held is actually being charged with “Insurrection” or for being a “Domestic Terrorist” The authorities are not classifying the Jan. 6 event as an insurrection. It’s only being called an insurrection by the media.
        recently published by the New York Times: “The New York Times has just confirmed what many of us have already figured out. In a new report, the New York Times stated that Capitol Police were told to ‘stand down’ during the January 6th riot at the Capitol. According to a 104-page document obtained by investigators, leaders were warned of the ‘pre-planned violence but instead of being pro-active officers were just told to stand down and allow the riot to happen.”

        People who were not there need to stop listening to the media push and wait for the investigation and the reports. There is MUCH more to Jan. 6 than meets the eye and were beginning to get a whole new picture of why Jan. 6 got so out of hand.
        There is actual footage…testified to by Congress and Senate that clearly shows Capitol Police removing barricades and INVITING people into the Capitol. Some thought they were getting a tour…Their only crime was being dumb or gullible.

    2. It wasn’t only blacks David. Back in my youth, every single ethnic group had its own neighborhood. In Cleveland we had Murray Hill (Italian) Slavic Village The lower west side of Cleveland was Puerto Rican…the lower east side was black…the upper east side was Jewish and the upper west side was white. In the middle, we had China Town. The suburb of Parma was Polish and East 93 st. was Hungarian. That wasn’t a RACE issue, it was a comfort issue. Most ethnicities preferred to live with others who spoke their language so neighborhoods developed like that by nature, not by racism.

      In the old days everybody hated everybody, families fought for power and money all over the world. Everybody was everybody else’s enemy and nobody trusted anyone outside their “family” Wars were started to kill other ethnic groups or powerful families to gain power and wealth. The wealthy ones kept the slaves…black, white or purple…it didn’t matter. If you weren’t one of “them” you became a slave or servant.

      If privilege belonged only to ‘Whites” why do they have African, Israeli, Afganistan, Chinese, Japenese…kings, queens, and nobles?
      Are you racist David? I really don’t think MOST people are. They just want you to believe most people are. There are some and if there is any “Systemic Racism” you then have yourself…Who is in charge of the system and why do they perpetuate it? We, the “Regular” people, aren’t in charge of the system.

  2. Definition of insurrection (as defined by Webster)
    : an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.

    If you believe they were there as tourists and not there to stop Pence from certifying the results, then, congratulations you passed your brainwashing.

    Can’t wait for the investigation to show who was responsible.

    One last comment. What were the results of the Arizona Ninja Auditors and the findings of all the court cases presented with no factual evidence of fraudulent voting?

    tnehrenz, I thought you were the daily operations co-manager, not one who takes sides on editorial opinions on letters-to-the-editor. Seems rather biased.

    1. I am the editor but who says the editor can’t have her own opinions which happen to align with something other than yours? Opinions are always bias. When reporting on events, I keep my opinions out of it.
      It has long been a tradition in journalism for Editors to write “Editorials and Opinion pieces.” Although, commenting on an issue with factual information isn’t exactly opinion. The FBI, the DOJ, and other three letters guys have not charged one single person with “Insurrection.” They lowered the classification of the Jan. 6th event. Many are being charged mainly with rioting, assault, trespassing, and several misdemeanor offenses. It’s a matter of public record. If it was an “Insurrection” don’t you think there would be at least one person charged with insurrection? I would be very happy to see proof of such a charge if you can provide it and give you my apologies for passing along bad information.

      While nearly every media outlet pushes the narrative, “563 people have been charged IN the insurrection.” Not one person has been charged WITH insurrection. The reports given by the mainstream media are terribly misleading. Semantics count in politics.

      For those who don’t think there is something fishy about the Jan. 6 incident, and it was really an act of traitorous actions, I would ask that you google “” and please explain why you think it might bring up the site it brings up; and why Facebook will restrict you for mentioning it.

    2. I didn’t say there were there as tourists. They were there to protest the certification. I said when Capitol Police opened the barricades and invited them in, they thought they were getting a BONUS tour.

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