The Riverside Commercial Center has been a staple to the Mesquite community for as long as one can remember. It is a small center littered with only a few shops whose homes have been there for about as long as the center itself. Not only is it a staple for the Mesquite community, but it is a staple of the Latino community as well. One such shop is that of His & Hers Fashion, a clothing store that has made their home in Mesquite for the past 12 years.

“I’ve lived in Mesquite for 12 years, but I have known about Mesquite for about 22 years,” Mercedes Ortiz, co-owner of His & Hers Fashion said of her time here. Ortiz is a wife, mother and grandmother who spent 40 years in Los Angeles before deciding to begin her life again in Mesquite after the hustle and bustle of city life became too much for her.

Mesquite was home to not only new opportunities, but her children and grandchild, which was even more of an incentive for her and her husband to begin their new life in the quiet that Mesquite had to offer.

Photo by Aileen Quinones

His & Hers Fashion opened officially in Mesquite in March of 2009, “I would have liked to open a restaurant,” Ortiz says, “with tacos and things like that, but clothing was much more simple, it changes but always stays the same.”

Ortiz recounts how the clothing store became more of a permanent idea than that of a restaurant because her husband, Lorenzo Ortiz, worked in a clothing store prior to their move to Mesquite. With determination and prior experience, they both set off to begin work on their own clothing store.

Since then, the store has been a staple in the Riverside Commercial Center with other such longstanding shops such as Bella’s Pizza and La Mexicana Grocery Market. Ortiz, a long standing member of the Riverside Commercial Center, spoke highly of her next door neighbors, all doing their best to get through the day.

When COVID-19 was at its peak, Ortiz spoke of the difficulty that she and her husband faced while trying to maintain the store amidst their fears but nonetheless they persevered. First complying with mandates from the state and now once again opening their store to their full potential and eager for customers.

Photo by Aileen Quinones

Another positive that Ortiz notes is the addition of the new Raider Stadium in Las Vegas. “Mesquite is growing so fast, and with the new Raider Stadium it just seems to be getting bigger.”

As things continue to return to normal, the Ortiz family is eager to get back into the groove of things again, stating that their store has affected her life for the better. “At first I was nervous, I didn’t really know how to use the machine and navigating the language was difficult, but now I am comfortable.”

Photo by Aileen Quinones

Ortiz, originally from Mexico, has known Spanish her entire life. Working at the store she has been able to proudly and confidently help all who come across her and her husband’s small store. When asked if there was anything that she would like for any new potential customers to know about their store, she just wanted to inform them of their existence.

“There are places to shop for clothes here in Mesquite,” Ortiz states, “besides Walmart.”

If anyone is in search of something new they have yet to see in Mesquite, a trip to the Riverside Community Center is a much needed one for a chance to have a new and refreshing look at the other shops located within its center. Besides Bella’s Pizza, a popular pizza parlour, there is  La Mexicana Grocery Market, a market that houses not only everyday household items, but boasts a panaderia and carneciera.

Located in the mix as well is Gemini Jewelers and the Mesquite Thrift Store, both long standing occupants of the Riverside Community Center that are just as eager as other shop owners in the area to once again welcome back customers.

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