Today there are many analogies to illustrate the growing separation of the American people. Some of these seem almost insurmountable, some are very obvious and some are hidden. One of those that is just below the surface is the application of the law. A big part of our American greatness has been the equal application of the law. The saying “Nobody is above the law” is going away very quickly.

One example now in the news, is the temporary suspension of Rudy Giuliani’s Law License for expressing his client’s opinion of the conduct of the last election. Regardless of someone’s opinion of that election, an attorney should be able to represent his client’s position on the subject, that’s what lawyers do. If we were to consider how many attorneys make statements that are later proven untrue, the entire field would have their law license revoked.

Could this be a payback to those that supported Trump? Could it be possible that Trump supporters are being punished by those from the other side? Are there any others that were put in some kind of jeopardy because they supported the wrong side? What about Rodger Stone the republican supporter who was arrested early one morning by a fully armed swat team supported by a CNN camera crew, lucky for them he was in his pajamas and couldn’t resist.

How about the full Muller investigation, where millions were spent for nothing? The arrest of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the prosecution even when the Dept. of Justice wanted to drop the case.  So it goes, if you’re with Trump you’re in jeopardy. There are numerous others cases which we have all seen in the news.

However, if you are on the other side of the fence, you’re in the clear for most everything. The best example is Hillary Clinton who destroyed 30 thousand subpoenaed e-mails. Now if you or I did something like that we would go directly to jail and probably still be there. And what about Joe Biden threating the Ukrainian’s government with the loss of aid if they didn’t fire a government prosecutor who was investigating the company that his son sits on the Board of Directors.  Of course, his son has had so many close escapes even though he has been caught red handed. Many other democrats have also been let to slide in comparable circumstances. Then there is “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa who can riot, steal and burn but nobody goes to jail except maybe for a few hours at most.

Unfortunately, this double standard cuts our country off from being under equal justice for all. If you’re on the left your free and clear but on the right and your dead. Equal justice under the law is one of the key underpinnings of our country’s greatness. You must wonder how so many good people could ignore these illegal offences. How can our legislators and our legal staff from whatever party who have sworn to uphold the Constitution accept total disregard of the law for some and maximum attacks and prosecution on others based on their party?

People’s lives are being ruined because they supported the wrong party. Some are calling people white supremist just because they supported Donald Trump. Those that are privileged and those who are not, is the foundation for separation and that seems to be the direction we are headed. Is there any hope that one party will clean up its act and apply the law equally?

5 thoughts on “A tale of two standards

  1. Here you go again Mike.

    Lets start with Giuliani. He was suspended because he “communicated demonstrable false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and public at large. Simply stated, he lied.

    Stone had seven counts against him. One count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements (there’s that lying again) including lying to Congress, and one count of witness tampering in Mueller’s probe. (what possible reason can you give for him witness tampering that would be believable?)

    You seem to frame Mueller’s investigation as spending million for nothing. It is that investigation that is bringing out of the woodwork corruption into Trumps involvement of colluding with Russians or having foreknowledge of the content of stolen documents prior to publication. As the involved parties get subpoenaed, there will be more facts brought forth about Trump’s involvement into illegal activities.

    There has been extensive corruption in our government, but none to meet the level of Trump’s.
    How many presidents have had more lawsuit against them? How many got impeached twice, how many refused to testify at hearings, how many told their cabinet to ignore subpoenas, how many have lied 30,573 times (and counting)

    Google “the worst presidents of all”, and see that he ranks in the bottom five. I don’t believe everything on the internet or everything Google says, but I do believe when ALL of the sources say the same, and zero say the opposite, my common sense and logic overrides the opinions of the Trump beloved.

    1. Kurt – Rudy Giuliani. did what a attorney does for his client, state his or her position. You and many others do not believe his client position but many do, in fact millions do. Aren’t audits now going in several locations? What if they find something?

      Stone did thing that he was arrested for but, show up with a full armed swat team? Has anyone else lied and got the swat team. like in the FBI?

      Meuller Report found nothing, except maybe corruption between FBI and Clinton. By the way, where did U get the lie count?

      1. I believe the lie count comes from the Washington Post. If you read the Mueller report as I did, you would have been appalled at the number of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. The section on obstruction of justice was a road map to indicting Trump. Fortunately for Trump, his Attorney General failed to do his job.

  2. Welcome back Mike. I thought we would never read your Trump is God columns again. You are right in that those of us who support democracy will never forgive you for continuing to support a Russian agent. Trump is the most disliked president in history. He normally would have been reelected easily if he had just done his job. However, he politicized everything, especially the Covid epidemic. 81M people were so disgusted with him that we elected Biden. Put the blame where it belongs, on Trump.

    PS: At least my opinions will be printed. Your old boss always refused to publish them.

  3. The lie count came from the following: The Toronto Star tags 5,276, but that was only to Jan 2020. The Washington Post had it at 30,573, The Independent had 30,000.
    As for the audits going on in various states, what have The Ninja Auditors come up with? Don’t talk about Muellers report as a waste of money, talk about the numerous audits showing nothing as being a waste of money. What possible ending could come of all these wasteful audits? Would it change the outcome of the election and give Trump the presidency?
    You never did comment on Trumps ranking as one of the worst presidents. I know you would like me to post where I got that from, but try doing your own research and look it up. You will find more sites than I can put here.

    Mike, it’s time to move on. Trump is a one term, twice impeached has been who has such a big ego, he can not stay out of the limelight. Once his illegal activities are investigated, he will be back in the limelight again.

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