Wende Wolfe-Killinger hopes the first Virgin Valley Theatre Group’s Summer Youth Theater Camp ain’t no passing craze.

The director’s troupe of young resident actors performed Disney’s The Lion King Jr Saturday for parents, friends and community after five days of gruelling preparation.

Lion King set. Photo by Tracy Worthington

“It’s been a great week,” Wolfe-Killinger said. “They have worked so hard.”

The play did not lose the essence of the Disney favorite in the short hour or so of the performance, and Wolfe-Killinger said everyone was great and she will miss them after the time they have had preparing and putting on the show.

She said some did fret that the total of thirty hours would not be enough to cement the lines in the minds of her twenty-three players, but there were no worries in the end.

“One of the kids made the comment … we’re ready because there wasn’t time to mess around or play around,” she said. “We were busy the entire time.”

Virgin Valley Theatre Group’s Summer Youth Theater troupe acts out the last moments of the play Friday at the Virgin Valley Theater. Photo by Tracy Worthington


Unlike other summer theater activities from the past, the entire cast was made of local youth and they even

Simba, played by Asher Baker, listens to Rafiki, played by Alicia Hanson, during the Virgin Valley Theatre Group’s Summer Youth Theater Camp performance of The Lion King Jr. Photo by Tracy Worthington

participated in creating some of the background for the play, she said.

“This is their show,” she explained.

She said she is proud of their hard work and the great job they did for the debut camp.


Wolfe-Killinger said The Virgin Valley Theatre Group’s Summer Youth Theater Camp is looking to gauge community interest before deciding whether or not to make it an annual show, but plans are to make it an annual event.

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